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Dr. Brittany Ng

Brittany Ng

Dr. Brittany Ng grew up in the Seattle area and completed her undergraduate studies in neurobiology at the University of Washington.  In 2016, she received her Doctor of Optometry degree from the University of California-Berkeley. She completed internships at the American Lake VA Medical Center (Tacoma, WA), Highland Hospital (Oakland, CA) and the Hayward Wellness Center (Hayward, CA).

Dr. Brittany strives to provide comprehensive primary eye care for all ages and backgrounds, with compassion and careful regard for the changes that the visual system undergoes throughout life.  After practicing in a variety of settings—hospital, retail, and private offices – Dr. Brittany has discovered special interests in multifocal contact lenses, digital eyestrain, dry eye therapy, and myopia management.

Outside of work, Dr. Brittany is usually spending quality time with her husband and infant son. She may also be found trying new restaurants and cafes, cooking a new recipe, or exploring the great outdoors with a camera or sketchbook in hand.