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Living With Dry Eye Syndrome

blond woman on laptop with a headacheEveryone experiences dry eyes at one time or another. Dry winds and indoor heating can make anyone’s eyes red and irritated.

But if your dry, gritty eyes persist for more than a few days, the chronic discomfort can negatively affect your quality of life. Even worse, dry eye syndrome often progresses from mildly uncomfortable to downright debilitating.

That’s why it’s so important to visit your dry eye optometrist. Your eye doctor at Dry Eye Center at Issaquah Eyeworks in Issaquah will determine the root cause of your dry eye symptoms and treat the condition before it harms your vision.

How Does Dry Eye Syndrome Impact Your Daily Routine?

Dry eye syndrome can disrupt your life in small and big ways. A few examples include:

  • Lower work productivity
  • Extreme discomfort in a heated or air-conditioned room
  • Sensitivity to light, making it difficult to enjoy the great outdoors
  • Red, irritated eyes that can make you feel self-conscious, especially when people believe you’re
  • tired even when you’re not
  • Waking up with painful, sticky eyes
  • No longer enjoying vision-related activities like watching a movie or playing a videogame
  • Sacrificing jobs that require a great deal of eye focusing, especially on a computer

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How Does It Feel To Live With Dry Eyes?

Studies have shown that moderate to severe dry eyes can cause anxiety and depression.

  1. Not realizing that they should be seen by a dry eye optometrist, many patients live with untreated symptoms much longer than necessary.
  2. Even mundane tasks like scrolling through social media or reading a report can feel overwhelming when your eyes ache from dryness.
  3. It’s easy to feel frustrated when friends, family and workmates say, “But it’s just dry eyes,” not realizing that dry eye syndrome is a painful chronic condition that can cause corneal scratches and ulcers, and even vision loss in severe cases.

Visit An Eye Doctor For Advice And Treatments

At Dry Eye Center at Issaquah Eyeworks in Issaquah, we understand the challenges that come with dry eye syndrome. During a dry [eye exam] our eye doctor will find the underlying problem and treat it, so you can finally get the relief you need.

Contact us to book your dry eye consultation today.

Our practice serves patients from Issaquah, Seattle, Renton, and Redmond, Washington and surrounding communities.

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